Reflections #001

As stand on the tube, pressed up against strangers at the beginning of my day, I realise how normal this has become for me. We have become so used to being pushed and squashed by people on a daily basis – pulled along by these trains.

But in reality, this is the truth about life. We are controlled by so many forces that people don’t even realise. In this democracy we think we are free. But are we really? We are controlled by our jobs, our means of transport, technology and social obligations.

Modern life is perceived to be this wonderful thing! But is it? I have been closer in proximity to some of these strangers, more than some of my own family and friends. How is that right? And we just accept it. We are constantly performing acts that we don’t want to. 

I’m writing this because I want more people to come to the realisation of how much we are controlled and put into uncomfortable situations by the shackles of material life. 

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