My Review of the Gini Bhogal Makeup Class at Bobbi Brown

My week didn’t start off very well, my day job has been mega busy and I was lacking some serious motivation for new new blog ideas. I was feeling pretty deflated at the beginning of this week. This makeup class turned that around.

My sister-in-law (she found the class and booked the tickets – so grateful to her) and I went to the Bobbi Brown store in Poland Street for a makeup class by the famous Gini Bhogal.

When we arrived, it was clear how lucky we were to actually get tickets. The seats were definitely limited. Held at the Pro Studios just next to Oxford Circus, the venue was ideal for us Londoners and especially me whose job is in the centre of the city. The store had a studio space downstairs and the class was held there.

The Makeup


Gini went to through two looks, one was bridal wedding makeup and the other was evening/reception makeup.

Obviously all of the products were Bobbi Brown but they also had a sales representative going through each product and passing them around while Gini was teaching. Of course they were promoting various products from the brand but for me it was all about the techniques she used and how she actually created the look. Gini’s technique is very precise, she was calm and applied brush strokes slowly. She layers the makeup on bit by bit so it seeps into skin properly. She makes applying makeup look extremely artistic!

The first look was a traditional bridal glow look, I loved the fact she used a darker skinned model. I don’t know if it was intentional or not but everyone in the Asian community has different skin colours. From fairer skin to darker skin, I feel like I have about 5 skin tones on my face. But not everyone is fair like in the models on the catwalk or the magazines. Not everyone looks like the Bollywood actresses, we all come in various shades and colours. It was really extremely refreshing to see darker skinned model, because not every bride is the same.

When she finished this look, the model didn’t even have any lashes on! However, she still looked perfect and totally like a bride! The look didn’t come across as unfinished which without lashes it can sometimes do. This was the first indication to me that Gini is more than a professional, her experience came across in this look.


The second makeup tutorial was the classic smoky eye, with a little pink to soften and blend the eye shadow together. I have the pictures below to show exactly how neat and precise her work is. Pictures just don’t even do her justice to be honest. The makeup was simple but effective. By simple I mean she didn’t have a cut crease or funky colours like you see in the Instagram and YouTube videos, but the finished looks were just flawless.


The Makeup Artist Herself

She is a great teacher, she was checking in with everyone with what they thought (like she needs to with her background), asked if people wanted to add more to the look and answered all the questions so honestly. When people say makeup is art, Gini shows you how to make it look and feel like that.

What I learnt –It reminded me that I need to slow down when I’m with any clients, reminding me of the basics. Take my time and really be more precise. Brush application technique is so important and knowing how to let the makeup settle into the skin without looking streaky and blotchy. The way she applied the highlighter was the best for me! Rather than going horizontal across the cheek bone, she applies the highlighter diagonally from the temple to the top of the cheek, evenly applying the highlighter so it blends better with the blusher and bronzer.


Some makeup artists have a reputation of having an attitude and being rude. Not Gini. I found that she is so down to earth. For someone who has been in the industry for so long and a makeup artist to some huge celebrities, she spent time with people after the class. She didn’t rush people or make them feel like it was late and she needed to go. She talked through her experiences and actually gave advice that came across truthful and genuine.

I would definitely go back to her classes, either something like this again or classes she holds at her salon. When and if I want to get back into doing hair for clients, I think that’s where I would go to learn. It personally gave me a pick me up for the week, and a new inspiration for my blog and makeup projects. I really enjoyed myself, the tickets for us were £20 and you got to use that towards Bobbi Brown products at the end of the show, so it was technically free. It gave me the sense that for Gini and her team, it isn’t about money, it’s about sharing knowledge and growing her branding. Even after so many years, she’s definitely looking at the bigger picture – a very important lesson for any aspiring makeup artists.   


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