How to protect your skin in the Snow and Sun while Skiing.

Seeing as though I’ve been skiing twice this year (yes I got lucky and got to go again), I thought I would take the time to write a short blog post on how to look after your skin and beauty whilst on the slopes. Because to be brutally honest, my skin took a serious battering this time! Just because I wasn’t a little more careful!


I know the ski season is coming to an end but save this one for next year!

Let’s start with…

Makeup Situation

Let’s get this shit straight before starting, those pictures you see on Instagram with women and their full faces of makeup, glammed up to the max– bullshit! There is no point of wearing makeup on the slopes. Makeup is money and wasting your money on something that’s going to get covered up is stupid. Ski goggles cover any eye makeup and ruins your foundation – why do it to yourself? I’m also not willing to have my makeup touch my goggles either, do you know how much good goggles cost? And helmet hair just isn’t pretty. To me it’s pointless! Now if your primary purpose is to go and take pictures, that’s different. But mine was to ski, which means you’re bound to get hot and sweaty.

Save your makeup for the dinners in the evening. If that!

If you want to look good on the slopes, your clothes have to speak for you! And just a little hint – a good pair of shades is all you need when having lunch/any stops on the slopes!

Shades always make you look fab!

That’s me below, no makeup and I look alright!

Two Essential Products…

Sun Cream  

I am currently rocking a tan beard at the moment. It’s such a joke! I went to work all this week with it. I work in banking. Enough said.

Out of 5 days skiing, 3 days were so sunny! We were close to 2500 ft. high and the sun rays are ridiculously strong. Don’t forget about them bouncing off the snow. In fact all my friends got tanned. How I didn’t prioritise sun cream everyday is unbelievable to me and I am also suffering for it now.

If I had some after sun cream may be my nose wouldn’t be slightly peeling off right now.  YES PEELING OFF!


I always take moisturiser and it’s a must for snow or any weather condition, but a rich and thick moisturiser is exactly what is required for ski trips. It’s insane how much your skin dries out! Two days were extremely windy and it was snowing constantly. Despite having a balaclava cover for my face, your skin takes on a serious pounding from the elements! Applying it twice a day, before and after skiing, helps it recover quickly and prepare you for the next day.

All this might seem obvious however, I couldn’t believe the morning I forgot to put on sun cream, I got burnt. I have never been sun burnt. The last few days back in London, I’ve been spending loads of time rehydrating my skin and getting it back to normal and if I had taken a few simple steps whilst away I wouldn’t have to be suffering now.

What we should have done….

One thing we should have done is have a spa afternoon, most hotels and popular places will have spa facilities. Towards the end of the week we should have prioritised an evening or afternoon to soaking in a hot tub or getting a massage. It would have been the perfect end to the week. I will be doing this next year!

If anyone else has any tips and tricks for ski trips – please drop me a note and share them with me!

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