A Mother’s Love – Mother’s Day Blog Post

I actually started writing this post quite early because I wanted it to be perfect – it’s about my mother, it has to be. According to Krsna Consciousness, a mother’s love is the closest things to unconditional love in this world. Whether you agree or not, mums are important.

We all wouldn’t be here without them.


It’s mothers day today and we are all obliged to get our mum’s card, present or some sort of experience to make her feel special. Some people can argue that it’s a money making scheme, everyday should be mothers day and it’s a way for retailers to take advantage of our relationships (similar to the things that people say on Valentines Day).

But here is why I disagree. 

We all in life, at some point or another are known to take advantage of our loved ones. It’s natural. We don’t always tell people we love them, when we should. We don’t appreciate them, when we should. It’s human nature! Someone we see everyday, we speak to everyday, we don’t always remember to cherish them. That’s a fact!

Mother’s day is an opportunity to celebrate the woman who brought you into this world and brought you up. It’s an opportunity to spend time with one another!


Last year I took my mum to a spa for a full day of treatments, it was the last official year I would be living with her and I wanted to treat her. My mum is so amazing that when we came out at the end of the day, she wanted to pay for me! She’s a crazy woman.

I didn’t always get along with my mum and of course there’s times today that she does irritate me, but I can’t deny I have been blessed with a great relationship with my mother and I know that not all parents and children are close; so I know how lucky I am.

My mum has taught me everything in this world. She to me personifies kindness, respect and eternal love. She’s taught me to love others and to love God.

Most importantly she continues to teach me to love my “enemies”, even though I never want to. Her energy is infectious and whether or not this is a good thing, the woman has passed me her obsessive compulsive need to clean anything and everything (even though I despised this as a kid). It’s true, you do turn into your mother one day!

Sometimes I feel sad that my mum doesn’t have a son. Because Asian culture dictates that once a girl gets married then moves to her husband’s house, she becomes apart of that family (even though I seriously rebel against this). It upsets me that despite how lovely she is; both her daughters will “leave her” one day. That she will be never have a daughter-in-law, because my mum would be the world’s most amazing mother-in-law to her because of the horrible way she was treated by hers. What gives me solace in this situation is my husband Kesh. He loves my mum like his own and in return she treats him more like her own than me and my sister at times.

My husband never enforces rules on me, I go to see and stay with my parents whenever. I know that some of you may read this and think… well why would he stop you? But you will be surprised at how many men in our Asian communities, to this day, are not like this. How they prioritise the husband’s family and his parents come first. It’s crazy that in this day and age that this still goes on but it does. For me this isn’t an issue, but for others it is!

What I’m trying to say is that this year I became a wife, but I didn’t stop being a daughter to my parents and I never will because I married a man who did what he promised – he brought two families together and ensured that he would never break me from mine.

So this mother’s day, appreciate your mum, show her affection and tell her you love her. Because there will be people out there who can’t.


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