Tired Already?

After my last blog post on my New Year’s New Focuses – Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018!, I wanted to share an update with you all…

It’s the second week of Jan and I’m knackered.

How is this even possible? Does anyone else feel like this? Please say yes!

I don’t know whether it’s a combination of working in-between Christmas and New Years or my day job being extremely busy at the moment. But the one thing I know – I feel shattered after this week and my inspiration/motivation has definitely taken a little dip. Getting back into my full gym routine, filming videos, editing them and writing a blog post while working a 50-hour week has me fully praying for this weekend. I am so looking forward to some sleep and self repairing.

A few people have actually said to me that January is their prep month and February will be when the real change happens and I think I sort of agree. I learnt from my dad that building a strong foundation can often take time and there is nothing wrong with that.

A house built on weak foundation won’t last very long.

Similarly, building foundations for new initiatives and changes is the only real way to ensure you maintain your new habits and focus, how else is the momentum for the new year going to be maintained?

At present, I’m working on new videos and blog ideas with Beauty and the Wife Life but this is all taking a huge amount of time! I’m trying to ensure I am not putting things out there for the sake of it and thinking twice before putting something on social media and my blog. Sometimes you have to be in the plan phase! Planning is key! My “amazing” husband always says ‘if you don’t have a plan, you are planning to fail’.

But planning is also extremely time consuming and tiring!

And it’s so frustrating because I’ve done so much productive work and began working on big projects in the last two weeks, all I want is some more energy to carry on and keep going!

This blog post is my reflection that January is going well but I’m already feeling strain of making daily changes. Hard but worth it in the long run. I hope so anyway!

The issue is, my mind is running at a million miles, it wants to explode, create, and jump into new initiatives but my body is telling me to relax, take it easy and have a Kit Kat. But I need to meet them somewhere in the middle! I think this is normal for people who work full time and are also passionately working on alternative initiatives in their personal lives for their individual growth.

This weekend, my plan to relax, rejuvenate and restart.

A Long Hot Bath

To soak my aching body! Getting back into the gym has been hard but so worth it, I have two holidays coming up but generally I want my fitness to be a huge focus for this year. I want to be in the best shape I have ever been in – this can only happen with solid commitment. But I also know when I need to take a break in order to restart next week with the same momentum. I think we need to be able to recognise when our body is trying to tell us to give it some TLC.

A Good Amount of Sleep and Switch Off Time

Sleep is one thing, but switching off is another. I’m going to spend my evenings with the family and try and go to the temple this weekend. Appreciating my loved ones, spiritual refocusing and giving the mind a break will shake the feeling of tiredness away.

Blog and Edit

So I want to finish and get this post out. If you are reading it, I’ve achieved one of my goals! I also have a new makeup video scheduled for this week and a new series of videos planned for Beauty and the Wife Life. I’m not going to have it all finished but preparation is underway. Leading onto my final point…

Plan New Week More Efficiently

To ensure I’m not as tired and just as productive I will be spending a good amount of time planning and setting more realistic goals. Preparing for the week ahead but also spacing things out! Spreading out the gym routine unlike last week, giving myself rest days in-between. 

I hope you all see that despite how I am feeling and whatever I am trying to achieve, I am attempting to keep my focus points for the New Year at the forefront of my mind. And finally remember it’s fine to get tired, we all get tired from the strains of daily life. But if I can tell you one thing for this week, it’s to stay focused – that is the only way you can truly grow personally and improve.

I would love to know how your January is going? Share your tips for how you stay focused and motivated!

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