Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018!

Rather than New Year’s Resolutions, I plan to leave certain things behind in 2017 and try focus on smaller and more manageable steps for 2018. Resolutions are known to not last and within a few days or weeks, most of them are broken or forgotten – mine have historically not lasted very long at all. Bad habits are generally hard to give up and we tend to expect change overnight – realistically it’s just not possible without careful planning and execution!

For 2018 – I want to make small daily changes to make a bigger impact in my life. 

I’m sharing the below on my blog because in a years time I want to see how much progress I have made and measure how much these changes have impacted my life. Most importantly I want you and all the people around me to check up on me and make sure actually doing these things! Otherwise what’s the point?!

Most importantly, I want to STOP DOING certain things, the bad habits, negative thoughts and pessimistic thinking needs to go. It won’t happen overnight but you have to start somewhere.

My Stop Doing List for 2018

Stop sleeping so much

Stop being angry at people who won’t change

Stop having so many expectations of others

Stop eating unhealthy food as much

Stop making excuses to work out

Stop complaining/talking – Start doing!

My focus for 2018

Be kinder

Simple – haters just don’t win! And even if they do, people won’t like them.

Smile more! 

My resting bitch face needs a rest!

Create eating plans every week / Focus on Fitness

I love junk food and fast food – anything unhealthy is my best friend. Chocolates and sweets, cakes and pastries. I have an addiction and I am a firm believer that everything should be in moderation. Moderation for me is nonexistent right now. Creating eating plans for the week and gymming between 3-4 times week (which I already do and need to keep maintaining) will get my fitness in order.

20 minutes of yoga every morning

Waking up that little bit earlier everyday and getting exercise in is something I wish to add to my morning routine. Yoga has been known to have great effects on your body and mind. Exercise in the morning also increases metabolism for the rest of the day. This will go hand in hand with my next point…

Spend an hour everyday – no phone, no social media and no people

I am going to try and do this in the mornings, because I talk a lot! May be a bit too much! But the morning is one time I actually don’t like to speak to anyone. I’m not being rude but it’s the time when I reflect and plan ahead. Adding no phone and social media shouldn’t be too hard…I hope.

Learn to meditate 

 Many articles, motivations speakers and spiritual teachings discuss meditation and the positive effects of it. I have been reading more and more about it. It’s created a genuine interest for me and I have started doing my own research too. This is something new I really want to start practicing. I’ll keep you all updated on how this goes!

Read a book a week 

I love reading and this is something I already do but I’m going to try and use my commute to read more, everyone knows that reading increases knowledge better than any other method.

Make more time for loved ones!

Life is short, end of!


Happy New Year to you all!

I would love to know what changes you are making for 2018… comment below!

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