Unwanted Gifts

A short but bitter sweet post!

Secret Santa’s are the way forward these days, because who has the money to buy everyone an individual gift? But have you tried buying a gift within a £10 budget? It’s not easy. Thing’s are getting more and more expensive everyday! 

Gift giving is a historical tradition of this holiday but it also means that you can end up with things that you don’t necessarily want or need. This year my gifts have ranged from absolutely hilarious gifts, memorable trinkets, to some completely random ones and finally the things I can personally use and enjoy. I may even have some more to open on Christmas Day itself.

The well thought out gifts are good – they create memories, fulfil a purpose and can be the answer to specific problems in our lives. My ideal gift list is below, (I doubt my husband will be reading this post but he is welcome to buy any or all of them), it also may give you some last minute inspiration for any pending gifts:

  • Anything makeup – send it my way!
  • Stationary, good quality stuff you know!
  • A good book – non-fiction, best seller etc (I can’t list them all, we will be here all night)
  • A good quality candle (yes I actually use them)
  • Anything coffee related
  • Annual subscription to the new Breathe magazine (my new obsession)
  • An experience rather than a physical gift e.g. dinner, day out, activity

But with anything good also comes the bad.

The Unwanted Gifts

These are normally given by people who didn’t want to get you a gift in the first place  but for some reason or another they feel obliged to get you something.

Ah! Unwanted gifts really annoy me! Gift giving is supposed to bring someone happiness. But unthoughtful gifts can be really irritating. In this country, people tend to have limited time and space. They can’t always return things and will need to find a place to store or keep whatever you gave them.

If you are one of these people giving unthoughtful gifts… Stop this shit… Please… Now!

The person receiving the gift has to pretend they like it and give a fake arse thank you. What is the point?! It ends up annoying everyone! If there is one thing I hate, it’s having to act and be fake! We need to all cut it out. 

It’s estimated that the average family in the UK spends just under £500 on gifts during the Christmas period. That’s mental! In this world where we are over consuming, more and more every year, why don’t we think about these things? Giving something for the sake of it is a waste of time, money and resource for all.

Now I’m not being delirious, I know you have to give at least something from time to time. But I do have a solution, two words of advice from me here – GIFT CARDS! Don’t mess about with trying to figure or what someone wants when you don’t know them very well, don’t like them or basically don’t care. A big retailer’s gift card will do! Take my advice, because if you end up getting something you didn’t want to or your trying to show off – it is easily noticed. I don’t know if everyone will agree with my advice but I’m saying it with great honesty. Don’t waste yours and somebody else’s time.

I can write down a gift list but one my biggest learn from 2017 is just not to expect anything from anyone. I have not completely mastered this but I am most certainly trying.
This year I have learnt the very hard way that the more expectations I have, the more I end up being let down – in every aspect of my life. 

Rather than being disappointed or letting unwanted presents get on your nerves – try cut down on the more ‘material’ gifts in life. (I know it’s rich coming from me because I have a whole list up above) But it’s so true! The less ‘things’ we want in life the better, they aren’t going to make us happy forever. I think everybody knows this but we all need a little reminder.

I’m going to try and focus more on receiving the gifts of blessings, patience and kindness this festive season. And giving these gifts in return to others. There’s no bigger gift to others than being a good human being.

Expected, unexpected or unwanted – the real gift is that we all got to the end of 2017 alive and well! Let’s try focus on that!

Merry Christmas to you all! 

I’ll leave you with this video too!

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