Your Wedding Makeup – My advice!

This blog post is basically a HUGE thank you to my makeup artist – Zaynah Taouri Sheikh (who is also a very close friend of mine), I couldn’t actually give her the gift I had planned for her, because I couldn’t find it before she left for her home overseas. Sorry Zayn, IOU a pressie! I hope this blog post is a little present in the meantime.

Wedding makeup – mega complex and stressful. For both makeup artists and the bride. It’s just one thing on that massive list. But an extremely important thing on that list.

I’m writing this from a bride’s perspective, because obviously I didn’t do my own wedding makeup.

Now you all know I got married in Breacon Beacon – Wales, quite far away from my home in London. I discussed this in a previous blog post – Picking the Perfect Venue. Finding a makeup artist was difficult for me, especially someone who specialised in Asian Bridal Makeup.  I also didn’t have time to keep going up and down to Wales for trials, going for hair trials was bad enough! So decided to go with my friend Zaynah, who is an amazing makeup artist based abroad, whom I also had the pleasure to study with at university.



Now this may come as a shock to you, but she only did my makeup ONCE!

No trial, no practice, nothing! That’s just a testament to how good she actually is. Zaynah also did my makeup for my last Summer Ball at university and I loved it SO much. I remember feeling so sexy and beautiful that I knew if she agreed to do my makeup it would have been perfect.


She had done a few brides before but makeup is second nature to Zaynah. She applies it so well and she herself looks stunning on a daily basis! But she’s not a huge name either, I can’t explain to you how the ‘smaller’/ less popular makeup artists are also just as good as the bigger names. Remember, your favourite makeup blogger, vlogger and instagramer all started in this same place. I often find people who are smaller names do go above and beyond to meet your expectations; which was defiantly the case with Zaynah.

So why not? Give someone a chance I would say!


I wanted to take a second to just talk about my lashes. They made my look! I decided not to go with strip eyelashes, because I was too scared of the glue peeling off on the day. That was something I was not prepared to gamble on.

Heather Lyons, @lashedbyHL did my lash extensions for me. She is a lash genius and has been doing my lashes for some time now. I actually went to school with her and she is incredibly talented. She’s an expert in her area (yes, I am all about supporting friends and family businesses, so reach out to your recommendations – they are recommended for a reason). Follow her on Instagram! 

The lashes stayed on from my mendhi night two days before my wedding day and for the duration of my honeymoon, two and half weeks after. Totally worth the cost! I have to physically stop myself from having them all year around!

Makeup – do some trials, try new people out, you may be pleasantly surprised. 

And I can confirm my MUA made me feel incredible on my wedding day!



Heavy or simple, it’s totally your choice but do something different with your makeup!

I know not everyone is used to wearing makeup and can be hesitant of wearing too much on your wedding day. If you are worried about not looking yourself, that is fine! But wear some! If you want to go for a more natural look, at least go for lash extensions and some sort of definition – e.g. lip liner with your lipstick and fill in your brows a little. Having that extra highlight will make your face stand out more than it normally does. You want to look like a bride, hopefully this will be a one time thing, so you want to remember it. All weddings are occasions where people will dress up and make an effort – you don’t want to look washed out compared to your guests. 



Setting sprays are a must! If your makeup artist sets you up with a good setting spray, the makeup should last the whole day. (That’s what trials are there for!).

But I would advise maybe considering buying your own lipstick, you don’t want to run the risk of it rubbing away and not everyone has the privilege of having their MUA staying at the venue for the whole day. I wore a nose ring and that kept rubbing against my lipstick. Fortunately, Zaynah is a close personal friend of mine so I was covered but unfortunately not everyone has this luxury and remember asking your MUA to come back will almost definately cost you extra.

I would recommend buying your own lipstick! Then you don’t have to worry about eating! It’s simple things like this that not everyone thinks about!


Do you want to have the same look or have a total change?

Not much difference but the lips really for me! I wanted my hair to look different but that’s about it and I was happy with that. But remember it will cost you. To ask your hair or makeup artist to come back to the venue means they will charge an additional fee. It cost me £50 to get my hair changed for the evening and it ended up failing out because of the humidity! (Who knew it would be 30 degrees in mid Wales) but it did look great at the beginning. I have my pictures below.



I decided to write this because sometimes you don’t know where to start when it comes to makeup. Especially when planning a wedding! You have so many other things to think about. I didn’t know where to start and I know quite a lot about makeup! I researched online and checked out youtubers but everyone’s face is unique and a look can certainly turn out to be different on you.

If you don’t know, do a few trials with a few different people, it’s expensive but I say it’s worth it. I felt like a princess on my wedding day and I just want others to feel the same too!

I hope these few pointers really help!

Leave your wedding makeup comments and thoughts below! Follow me on Instagram for more beauty posts @beautyandthewifelife!


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