Picking the Perfect Venue

If you haven’t seen it already, check out our vlog we posted last week on the Ki and Kesh Channel. Subscribe if you haven’t already!

In the video we discuss a little about why we picked our wedding venue and some advice to go along with it. So I thought this would be the perfect excuse to elaborate a little more on it all…

First you need to pick where…

Location, Location, Location!

As far away as possible…for me anyway!

At first we were planning to get hitched in Belgium. There is a beautiful temple which is a 19th century castle. We wanted something unique and mind-blowing. However as we planned, the logistics of having an Indian wedding in Europe just wasn’t working out for us. So we looked at alternative places and that’s when we thought of Buckland Hall, Wales.

I was familiar with this venue because our temple (Bhaktivedanta Manor – Hare Krishna Temple in Watford) uses this country mansion for their retreats and having been before, we just had to check it out as our potential wedding venue.

The location was not too far but just far enough. Just about four and a half hours in the car from London.

Services and Staff

What do they actually do?

I did not appreciate this until my wedding day. The staff were incredible! They managed everything and did not bug us once! I can’t stress how you cannot have people coming up to you and asking questions on your wedding day. You barely have time for your guests, let alone staff and any random queries. Select someone in your wedding party to do this for you.

Ask them – does the venue have a wedding planner/coordinator? If not, you will be planning a lot of logistics for the day. And ladies- as much as you think you will be able to handle it, I really recommend a wedding planner so you can focus on enjoying the day! Our wedding planner (provided by the venue) planned everything with us. We went through all the details so she could manage the chaos accordingly.


What are you exactly paying for?

We also didn’t pay for any staff on the day, they were provided in the cost of our venue, however that’s not always the case with all venues. You have to check this!

You need to check what is included in the cost of the venue – are you paying thousands of pounds just for dry hire (just the venue itself)? Are the table covers, cutlery, glasses and napkins provided in this? Do they charge additional? And yes, people do charge for this. Because if they don’t provide some of the things that you might think of as basic, the catering company is highly likely to charge you for it.

You have to know what you are paying for and how long for… that brings us to the timing…


Are you renting the venue for the day? If so, what time exactly? The start time and end time?

Does that time include any cleaning up you may have to do? Do you have to clean-up for the venue at the end? I didn’t think about these things at all. Luckily our venue was great and managed it all.

We had it from Friday 5:00 pm to Sunday 2:00 pm and they were flexible. We also didn’t have to clean up, they provided that service. The key is to think about the little things and ask the questions which may seem obvious.

Also your venue only runs until midnight, remember – that’s when your party will be finishing.

Sound Limit 

Does your venue have a sound limit? If so, what time is it up until? When do you have to turn off the music?

The worst thing is when you have a party and you are forced to turn off the music early. We didn’t even have a sound limit but the DJ had to leave early, so we wired a few cars together and had party outside the venue and we could do that because we didn’t have a sound limit. You can make all the noise you want in middle of fields, but not everyone will have that luxury.

The key is to try and remember the not so obvious things when it comes to venues. Get it wrong and it could go horribly wrong. The venue decision can make or break things for you.

Important Questions

Which you will probably forget.

I thought I would end with a few addition questions you can ask your respective venues…

  • Is there any car parking for guests? If so, how many? And do they have to pay?
  • Is there a bridal suite for the bride to get ready?
  • Do they have room for the newlywed couple for the night?
  • Is there any scenery for your couple photos? What if it rains outside? Are there any nice settings where photos can be taken outside?

As always – let me know your thoughts too!

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