Love Lessons from the Ramayana

It was Diwali last week, we were all getting fat on sweets and food. Spending loads of time with family and all round celebrating.

Fireworks, food, family and fun!

That’s how I describe it.

However, I have been thinking about the STORY behind Diwali, the reasons why we celebrate etc. and with being newly married – I thought to myself, what can we learn from the two people that Diwali originates from? From Rama and Sita.

What can we learn from their marriage?

Whether you believe their story or not, this historical relationship has so much to teach us and this is the time of year to remember.

I love my husband, but I don’t always like him and there’s nothing wrong with that – he’s annoying and I’m sure he feels the same way about me. But I thought over this auspicious weekend, we could explore a little about the great love story of Rama and Sita.

So here are my views on what we can learn from their relationship.

Sacrifice – A little more for our loved ones…

Not literally okay!

Rama’s sacrifice was leaving his family, his Kingdom and his right to the Throne behind, to live an exiled life for 14 years… as an ascetic! He did this for his father and his family.

Sometimes we have to do things that we don’t want to do- especially for those who we may not be particularly keen on. This step from Rama makes the problems in my life look so small. It’s hard to compare our life to Rama’s, however, it’s also good to remember that our sacrifices may be contributing a lot to the bigger picture in our lives.

Sita’s sacrifice was giving up all comforts to be with her husband. She turned in her regal attire, maidservants and the warmth of a palace in exchange for simple robes and the dangerous forest as her new home. I certainly would not be moving to a forest for Kesh!

In this modern age, who would be prepared to do that? Give up our house, riches and luxuries for our loved ones? It is not practical to sacrifice everything in life however it would do us all a little good to take on some of this attitude. Practicing selflessness increases gratitude between couples. Whether that is sacrificing our time, money or even doing an activity that the other person wants to do, we can all sacrifice a little more in life for one another. 

Unconditional love – or trying to achieve this…

Are we even truly capable of this? But we can try right?

Who is really capable of unconditional love? I am sure everyone has boundaries and there has got to be a point where we can stop loving someone.

Rama and Sita’s love is brightly shone through the Ramayan. It’s almost unbelievable to see two people love each other so much, especially when in our world 50% of marriages result in divorce! We may be not be able to love our partner’s unconditionally (e.g. if Kesh cheated – he is out!) however it is good to get into the mind-set that you will love each other no matter what – because it gives one the strength to power through the obstacles that life throws at you. Rama and Sita were prepared to do anything for each other, fight wars, leave riches, live austerely; never stop loving one another.

Commitment – Never Giving Up…

9.5 years later… we are still going and we have a long way to go.

The vows ‘richer or poor… in sickness or in health’ immediately come to mind.

Whatever situation we are in, we should stick together. This is exactly what Ram and Sita did.

When I am having a bad day with Kesh, I do say things I don’t mean. We all do. I do feel like packing the 9.5 years in. But I shouldn’t and I don’t (normally after a huge moan to my best friend).

Gaur Gopal Prabhu once said – Starting something in this world is easy, maintaining it is hard part.

Anyone who is in a long term relationship would agree with that. It’s hard work and it’s never a straight forward road. Neither was it for Rama and Sita.

Sita was committed to Rama until the end. She never surrendered to Ravan, despite him trying to tempt her with every trick in the book! She never surrendered to the wrong path.

No one’s relationship is perfect, but we can all begin this New Year with a new attitude from a past epic.

4 thoughts on “Love Lessons from the Ramayana

  1. K says:

    Nice read…there are those fair share of articles that go on about love being easy and effortless etc…I’ve never understood those. I guess some people don’t understand you will fight…but you are also not a mind reader and will not know if something is wrong unless you communicate.

    Liked by 1 person

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