Kensington Olympia Beauty 2017 – Review

It’s Sunday morning and my sister-in-law has a spare ticket to the Kensington Olympia Beauty Show. Shout out to Pooja Kanani – MUA too!

I was actually meant to go to brunch with friends but cancelled really last minute to attend this show – sorry ladies! So I thought it would be good to do a quick review of whole thing and make it worthwhile missing out on some quality time with my girls.

The previous year I went to the Excel Beauty Show, and to be honest this one was much less overwhelming. I liked the vibe of this show and I felt it was definitely less crowded. I feel like the pushing, shoving and the waiting around can make or break a trade show – for me anyway.

What was there?

Benefit, Dermalogica, Elemis and much, much, more!

There was a good balance of makeup, hair, nails products and the usual services that you would expect at a place like this. There was also a good mixture of massage therapy businesses, homeopathic products, non-surgical procedures and tanning services.

IMG_0979 2

What did I buy?

More makeup I don’t really need!

NYX and OPI were by far the best stalls (better described as mini shops) with great discounts and offers. The queues on the other hand were not. I also bought a small hard case makeup box for £10 and yes it was amazing quality!

Obviously these trade shows are more for big businesses and salons, so the variety for those looking for stock or suppliers is immense.

The most important thing to remember – don’t get carried away! It’s so easy to buy things you don’t want or need here. The prices and the gimmicks can create an illusion. Think twice before you buy!


Were there good freebies?

Not enough!

For such a big show, there weren’t many freebies. Everyone knows I love a freebie. However the discounts were pretty good; if you got there early you could have picked up a few good things to take home.

Saying that – I signed up my blog with the Beauty Influencer’s Lounge and ended up getting a free bag of various beauty samples from some great brands!


Would I go again?


It’s a great day out and it’s good to see what’s new and hot in the industry.

It’s amazing to see how many people are actually interested and how much money there is in beauty.  But also how hard it is to break into this ever expanding market.

It shows a community of people with the same interests and that community is huge.  Worldwide. But it’s nice to see a snapshot of it in my home town.

Next time I would go earlier, leave later and plan in advance!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


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