After much consideration, I have decided to go with another direction for Vishva Beauty.

Juggling a full time job in banking, getting married and starting a new routine this year; I realised that it’s not possible for me to put the time and the energy needed for a hair and makeup business.

No offence to anyone, but everyone out there these days is a makeup artist and I simply do not have enough resource to commit to the volume of content and advertising that is needed to be a serious player in this market. Not right now in life anyway.

It doesn’t mean I am giving up; it means I am taking a different road.

Hence the birth of ‘Beauty and the Wife Life’ – a lifestyle blog, focusing on makeup, hair, products and all things beauty. With new additions such as battling the London work life routine, dealing with all things marriage and occasionally vlogging with my husband. All of that whilst trying to maintain a balanced spiritual life.

I will still take bookings but prioritising personal development, discussing REAL LIFE issues that we face on a day to day basis as women and wives.

I just can’t be doing a 50-hour week and waking up at 4:00 am most weekends for someone’s bridal makeup.

Bear with the grammar and English at the beginning, I am sure it will get better with time. Anyway, I hope that you all will support me in this change by checking out my blog regularly and sending me some love and feedback.


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